The Veterans Pride Organization is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring, appreciating and recognizing the accomplishments of veterans during their time served.

We are a unique organization and pride ourselves in creating stunning, custom-made shadow boxes, displaying awards and decorations for veterans that stimulate positive discussion about their time served, memories, and the opportunity to share their experiences with loved ones and friends.

We also recognize that most veterans need help at times with resources and employment opportunities that can empower them to overcome difficulties after serving. Our organization will assist them with these, as well as provide them with positive lasting memories through the shadow boxes as a symbol of their honorable service. These shadow boxes will assist with and impact their mental health through the positive remembrance of their service and help them to return to a life where they continue to make significant and meaningful contributions in their lives and in their community.

The concept began with 30-year Army veteran, Command Sergeant Major Ian McKnight (retired), now Co-Founder of the new Veterans Pride Organization. Over ten years ago, Ian began creating shadow boxes for fellow veterans who had served in the United States Armed Forces as gifts for them, using their authentic records of their medals, awards and promotions. He made these handcrafted, custom shadow boxes in his own living room as gifts, at his own expense, because he wanted to demonstrate his appreciation and recognition of their service. He saw this as a positive and tangible way to recognize and honor their service. He also recognized that most veterans would not do this for themselves due to both humility and cost.

The concept evolved when Ian presented Robyn Moore, now Co-Founder of the  Veterans Pride Organization, with a shadow box he created for her father, Robert A. Gillon, United States Marine Corps. Lieutenant Colonel Retired. The impact and the importance of the presentation was very significant and emotional as she recognized the true accomplishments of her father’s service. She then presented the shadow box to her father and because of his positive, emotional and humble response to this, she immediately felt compelled to find a way to provide these shadow boxes to all veterans.

With that, the Veterans Pride Organization was formed and provides veterans with the recognition and honor they deserve for their service and sacrifice to our country through authentic, hand crafted, custom-made shadow boxes at no charge.

We also recognize that most veterans need help at times with resources that can empower them to overcome difficulties after serving and to help them to continue to make significant and valuable contributions in their lives and their communities.  We have a growing list of resources for veterans and their families to access and use as needed.  We also provide volunteer and employment opportunities for veterans in Colorado.