Recent Recipient Testimonials:


“The shadowbox was spectacular. I am writing you on the computer because my handwriting is atrocious, and I’m a faster typist than writer. Anyway, it is beautiful. I was going to put it on the wall in my office, however after my wife saw it, she said “That’s going in the family room.”  I really appreciate your hard work in putting this together. I also appreciate the letter you sent, and the minds behind your organization. I got halfway through your letter, and as I am not really a sentamental guy, was brought to tears by the humility of all of your veterans who participate and their real reasons for doing so. It really IS a dedication to veterans. I have posted a donation for your organization. It is not much, but it’s what I can do for now. I hope it is acceptible, as for me it is more in memory of all the people I served with, some of which made the ultimate sacrifice, not only in my branch, but all of them. Please accept this with my profound gratitude and the spirit in which it is given. ~ Semper Paratus, CWO3 (comms) Bob “J.C.” Penney, United States Coast Guard Retired”

  “I was able to present the shadow box to my dad last night. My dad is a very quiet man, but was overwhelmed with the gift. He kept saying all he wanted to do was go home and stare at it for awhile. He also isn’t much of a “hugger.” He hugged me last night. Pretty amazing! Thanks again for everything!” ~ CaptainTyler Duncan, United States Army (son of Colonel Jerry Duncan, United States Army (Retired)

  “Thank you so much for the beautiful shadow box you made for me. The quality was beyond anything I expected. I could not believe you would do this for me to commemorate my military service. It has a proud place on my living room wall near my front door to be seen by all who enter. I hope other veterans get the chance to participate in your program.” ~ Lance Corporal Matt Wenzel, United States Marine Corps

  “Incredible. On behalf of my family, I thank you Ian and Robyn for all of your time and effort in creating this incredible shadow box for my father Harry. While he is no longer here, this shadow box provides a visible remembrance reflecting his time in WWII and Korea. Your efforts to put this together is especially gratifying because his records were destroyed in the St. Louis ’73 fire. I have wanted to research and recreate all the medals and insignia for years, and then I met Veterans Pride. I dumped all the records that I had in my possession with you, DD214 and so on, and through your research, you put together a complete awards compilation which is something I could not do on my own. You not only stepped in and did this for us, but you did it better and faster than I could ever have hoped to do. Huge relief. I can share this with the family at long last. This box is a display that I will share with my family to include the education about the march from France to Berchtesgaden – including the liberation of the concentration camp Dachau – the same route made famous by Band of Brothers. Despite the fire, this story, these facts, and the place in history will not be forgotten. The invasion of Japan was avoided, most likely saving my father’s life, and despite a short period, war raged again in Korea, calling up veterans to fight again. I really had no idea what your final product would look like, and I thought it would take a long time, thus I was very surprised when you notified me that it was done. When you read the presentation, I felt pride and a little choked up. This means a great deal to me and to the Huffman family. Thank you very much Veterans Pride.” ~ Neal Huffman, son of Sergeant First Class Harry Huffman (deceased), United States Army

  “I just received my personalized shadow box from Ian today and I am absolutely humbled! Obviously, the Veterans Pride Organization put a tremendous amount of time and energy into this for me. By far, this is the best representation of my military career that I have. It is absolutely amazing! Without a doubt, this shadow box will serve as a reminder of my service and also as a reminder of those that did not come home. Thank you for such a wonderful gift! It will be treasured forever.” ~ Captain Tyler Duncan, United States Army.

 “I would like to start by thanking Ian for his dedication to the Army and the people of the United States. I am a U.S. Navy veteran and now having a constant reminder of my achievements hanging on my wall in one of Ian’s shadow boxes. It is more than just a shadow box to me. In one glance I am reminded some of the awesome guys I served with, and seeing the medals I proudly wore on my chest reminds me of the places I have been. It is obvious the love that Ian puts into these boxes and would be felt by any veteran or service member who would be lucky enough to receive one. Huge thanks to Ian McKnight for your thoughtfulness and I love you.”~ Petty Officer 3rd Class Shane Dietsch, United States Navy.

  “Thanks so much for what you have done. I can’t say enough, truly amazing. We heard about the Veterans Pride Organization from our cousin who is also a military and Vietnam veteran. He told us about the wonderful things they do in recognizing the service of veterans and in particular, building shadow boxes presenting the medals and awards earned while serving. We had lost or misplaced all of my military medals shortly after I was released from duty so I was eager to have them back again. I was surprised at how simple the process was once we were into their website. All that was needed was to provide a copy of the DD214 and provide additional personal background information.  After that, it was about two weeks when Ian came to our door with the finished shadow box. He was holding it with the front pressed against him. He read a short but totally impressive statement of gratitude and then he turned the box around and presented it to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I saw it I was speechless. It was as if he had captured my entire military experience and presented it in that small wooden box. It was amazing. There they were after 50 years, all the medals and memorabilia of my time. It is hard to believe all this can be done just from donations. I can tell you that when I came home from Vietnam, I was filled with a mix of feelings and emotions. Yet here, looking at that shadow box, there was no mixing at all; it was all pride. Thank you Ian and thank you Veterans Pride.” ~ Edwin L Herring, Sergeant, United States Marine Corps.

  “What a beautiful job you did in Phil’s shadow box. He is thrilled with it and anxious to show it off to all our family and friends. THANK YOU so much for the great job, you are doing a wonderful service to veterans.” ~ Specialist Phil Saba, United States Army

“Was thrilled to receive such a wonderful tribute to my husband’s military service in the US Army during the Korean War. It is truly a beautiful reminder to his service! Each morning, on awakening, daily reminds me of him and his Rank, Ribbons, Dog Tags, Dates of Service in the 765th Battalion, while serving in the 765 Battalion in Pusan, Korea. This beautiful tribute was compiled by my next-door neighbor, Ian McKnight in his kindness and caring for the Suppers. Each day, upon arising, I am reminded of this great guy and say a prayer in his memory to a Great American and husband and father, who proudly served the country, which he loved and served!!!” ~Marion Supper (Spouse), Corporal Raymond Supper (deceased), United States Army.

“As you can see from the picture, I have just opened the box that Command Sergeant Major Ian McKnight made for me, and there are tears in my eyes. Such a gesture! Such a grand surprise! I have never been so sincerely and deeply honored for my service in the military as when I received that wonderful shadow box of my military memorabilia from Ian. I am deeply grateful to Ian and my wife, Sherille, for conspiring to put together this wonderful, personal, and historic gift.” ~ First Lieutenant, Daniel Raphael, United States Army

“There’s nothing that could be done more beautifully and magnificently than that to show my career in such an incredible way. Receiving the shadow box was one of the biggest, strongest emotional moments I have experienced in a long time, I’m overwhelmed by it, a gift of a life-time. That’s a total winner, for me egotistically, the best gift I have ever received!” ~ Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. Gillon, United States Marine Corps

“As proud and honored as I am to have served my country, a shadow box is something I never would have done for myself. I feel very humble about my time in the service as I know many men and women have sacrificed and accomplished so much more than I did. The idea that my service mattered to anyone outside my family never occurred to me. Then having this gift given to me as a tribute from another service member is such an honor that even years later it makes me emotional. I proudly have it displayed front and center in my home, and it reminds me that my service to my country counts! That it mattered! My shadow box is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received and will have a place of honor in my family for generations to come!” ~ Semper Fi – Corporal Andrew D. Shuss, United States Marine Corps

“My former neighbor, friend and veteran, Ian McKnight, was working at MacDill Air Force Base a few years ago and he ask me if I had my DD214 as he needed for research he was doing on Vietnam veterans. He then surprised me with a shadow box! I can honestly say this thoughtful gift means a lot to me. As a war zone Vietnam veteran, I rarely spoke about it when I came home as Vietnam veterans were not exactly welcomed home in those days. I now have this shadow box proudly displayed in my home for all to see. This gift makes me feel appreciated every day and serves as a constant reminder for me that all Veterans, especially those who gave their lives, should be appreciated and honored.” ~ Petty Officer 3rd Class, Ron Breijo, United States Navy

  “When I retired, I expected to get the same-old standard-issue shadow box with my awards, some of my old unit patches, my rank, and a little plaque with some words about 20 years of service.  What I got instead was a footlocker crammed with mementos from over 20 years of service. What I didn’t expect was a pocket for my American flag, the flag I got in 1990 and carried through all my overseas tours (Korea, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq), flown in Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Senegal, Qatar, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Yemen, Eritrea, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman.  I also didn’t expect to have a ‘secret’ drawer to keep my old berets, a Spartan arrowhead (yes, from Thermopolis), and other important trinkets.  All in all, I was blown away when Ian presented me my footlocker.” ~ Lieutenant Colonel Jason Wendell, United States Army (Retired)

  “Thank you so much for presenting me with my shadowbox! I was blown away with the care and attention to detail that was put into finding all the proper patches and ribbons and insignia. This shadowbox has become a great way for me to tell friends and family members about my service and is a wonderful visual representation of the things I accomplished that I am very proud of. It was an honor to meet such a generous and accomplished fellow Army Veteran like yourself and my family and I will cherish this gift for many generations to come.” ~ Specialist Joshua C Bauer, United States Army

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